Who Are We?

In 1995 Educating America, Inc. opened its doors as a consulting firm for entrepreneurs and small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Often described as the “Backbone of America’s Economy,” small companies represent 99% of all U.S. business and are a large percentage of net new job creation.

For the past two decades, we have worked with many business owners. So many we have met were busy, working very hard, yet making little to no profit. Somewhere along the way, they had jumped on a “hamster wheel” and weren’t able to find the way off. That’s where we come in – Educating America firmly believes and teaches that there are two aspects to a thriving business … making money and managing it. Most can do one or the other, but struggle to find balance between the two.

We have expanded our services to assist larger companies, as well. As some companies experience growth, they question whether or not to continue managing like a small business. We can help develop a plan to restructure these companies, change employee thinking, and find ways to increase the bottom line. Even large companies can become stale or go off in the wrong direction.

We don’t have to be experts in your business to help you. Our job is to know business, ask a lot of questions to learn about your business, and to help you make the best business decision. At Educating America, our success is defined not only by partnering with companies who need or want our services, but by making sure we are able to provide the level or service you deserve. It is for this reason we limit the number and scope of projects we contract. If it is not beneficial to all parties, we will not commit to a contract. In this case, we are happy to resource and offer referrals to other qualified professionals. If beneficial to all involved and we agree to take on the project, we are committed to going the extra mile to provide excellent service.

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